Årets Jakthund - Beretta!

Årets Jakthund - Beretta!

MiniFinder, a leading player in GPS tracking, is proud to sponsor Anders Johannesson and his Basset Fauve de Bretagne, Skogatorpets Charon Beretta, who recently clinched the "Hunting Dog of the Year" award at this year's hunting gala. This triumph stands as a testament to the remarkable accomplishments of both Anders and Beretta.

The Jaktgalan 2024 took place on March 16, with the aim of celebrating hunters who have made significant contributions throughout the past hunting season, serving as role models for the entire hunting community. By allowing the public to nominate candidates across various categories, followed by a jury selecting finalists and concluding with a public vote to determine the winners, the gala shines a spotlight on outstanding performances and recognizes commendable efforts within the realm of hunting sports.

Skogatorpets Charon Beretta, affectionately known as Beretta, is a four-year-old female dog who has left an lasting mark on the hunting scene. As a Swedish champion and one of the five nominees in the "Hunting Dog of the Year" category at the Jaktgalan, Beretta demonstrated her excellence by securing second place in the Swedish Championship during the fall of 2023, marking her third consecutive appearance. Beretta's achievements extend to her individual fourth place and top Basset position within the team that clinched a silver medal at the Small Dog Swedish Championship in 2021. Moreover, she consistently garners high scores in her trials, earning the Trailing Certificate in four out of five registered hunting tests. While she exudes tranquility and confidence at home, Beretta's focus becomes absolute when immersed in the thrill of the hunt.

Anders Johannesson and Skogatorpets Charon Beretta's triumph in claiming the "Hunting Dog of the Year" award serves as a poignant reminder of the dedication and skill required to excel in this demanding yet cherished sport. MiniFinder extends warm congratulations to them and eagerly anticipates their future accomplishments.

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