How to avoid getting lost in the forest

How to avoid getting lost in the forest

Do you often take walks in the forest? Then you should know that it can be easy to lose yourself - especially if you walk around in a new area. There are several different tips on what to do when you are lost in the forest, but the tips can sometimes be difficult to use in reality. Especially if you're in the woods where your cell phone coverage isn't strong enough to contact anyone.

Our best tip

Actually, there is only one way that means 100% safety during the walk in the forest and that is a personal alarm with GPS technology. The advantage of a GPS is that the coverage lasts even in the deepest forest, in areas where mobile phone coverage often won't work. MiniFinder offers several different solutions for personal safety and many individuals use these trackers to feel more secure when moving around in various locations.

The advantage of MiniFinder's personal alarm with GPS is that they not only work as a GPS if you get lost, but contain several other smart functions. Among other things, they contain an alarm button that you can use if something unexpected happens during your forest walk. If you would fall and injure yourself or for any other reason feel unsafe, just use the alarm button to contact a pre-installed contact person. 

MiniFinder offers two types of personal alarms: one that you can use as a wristband and one that you can place in your jacket, pocket or bag. You can read more about MiniFinder Nano here and MiniFinder Pico here

Or contact us directly and we will help you! 

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