Security alarm to municipalities

Security alarm to municipalities

A safety alarm provides increased enjoyment of life and freedom for many people. The user can wear it around the neck or wrist with an  accessible alarm button that can be connected directly to an alarm center or a close relative. The advantage of a mobile security alarm is that the alarm can also be worn outdoors, which means that safety is not only limited to the home.

Municipalities can procure mobile security alarms and can thus offer an increased sense of security for users in need of increased security. By offering quality mobile security alarms, the quality of life increases for many who would otherwise stay at home. MiniFinder works to reduce loneliness among the elderly in Sweden and wants to give the elderly the opportunity to continue living an active and social life. In addition, it can reduce the need for home care and means that the user stays at home longer without the same need to move to a nursing home.

A mobile security alarm from MiniFinder contains, in addition to a clear alarm button and state-of-the-art GPS technology, among other things:

  • Fall alarm in case of an accident 
  • Possibility to call from and to the alarm
  • Exact positions both indoors and outdoors
  • Virtual “safe zones”
  • Unlimited number of monitors

MiniFinder offers mobile safety alarms to the public sector. You are welcome to contact us directly and we will contact you with a price proposal. 

Read more about our security alarm for elderly people "MiniFinder Nano" here

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