Smart GPS for cows - for a more modern animal care

Smart GPS for cows - for a more modern animal care

As a farmer with many cows, it is important to constantly develop your business and modernize your work. A smart way to increase safety and understanding for your animals can be to start using GPS trackers for cows. As a farmer, you can follow exact positions of the cows in real time and receive various notifications directly to your mobile. In addition to increasing safety and understanding of the animals, it also makes you work more effective and allows you to spend time on other tasks. 

A GPS tracker for outdoor environment

When it comes to larger animals living outdoors or walking around a large area, the equipment must be made of a durable material. All products made for animals from MiniFinder are designed to work in harsh outdoor environments. MiniFinder Atto Pro works great for tracking larger animals outdoors and offers features to create virtual fences, real-time positioning and the ability to view position history. The GPS tracker is also 100% water and shock resistant.

By connecting the tracking to the MiniFinder GO tracking system, you can track several devices at the same time and keep an eye on your cows even from a distance. Of course, it is also possible to give access to several people to monitor and receive alarm notifications. Should a cow leave the virtual fence, the tracking system will alert and you will receive a position where the cow is.

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