When is the hunting season 2022? Everything you need to know!

When is the hunting season 2022? Everything you need to know!

It's almost time for this year's hunting season to start and there's a lot you need to know, whether you're a hunter or not. There are rules deciding how you can move around in nature during these times and it can therefore be important for everyone to know what applies. And if you are a hunter, it can be good to keep track of where you can hunt and when.

Important dates for hunting

Hunting times vary across the country throughout the year. Generally, it starts earlier in northern parts than in the southern parts. When it comes to moose hunting, it starts in September for the northern parts and October in the southern parts. The moose hunt usually lasts for about two months. If you want to know more exact dates for the various hunts and parts in Sweden, you can check the website of the Swedish Hunters' Association.

What to think about as a private person

When it is hunting time, it is important to pay attention as a private person when moving in the forests. Mainly to not disturb hunters or hunting dogs, as well as the wild animals. It is best to stay away from places where there is a hunt going on, which is usually signposted. If you are close to a hunt, it is important to have your dog on a leash and to be alert at all times to not disturb the ongoing hunt. You can accidentally disturb both hunting dogs and hunters if you are too close - which can mean danger for you as a private person. 

Tips for hunters with hunting dogs

Our best tip for hunters hunting with a hunting dog is to invest in a good dog gps tracker for hunting. We at MiniFinder are experts in positioning technology and have several years of experience with dog gps trackers for hunting. This increases both the safety of the hunting dog, while also contributing to a more successful hunt. 

Do you have more questions about how our dog beacons work? Then you are more than welcome to contact us! If you buy a dog gps tracker now, you are well equipped for the upcoming hunt this year. 

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