Tripled the turnover: "We had 350 customers in line"

Tripled the turnover: "We had 350 customers in line"

MiniFinder's customer, DeliDel, has undergone a growth journey where the automation of time-consuming tasks has been crucial. With the assistance of MiniFinder Zepto and MiniFinder Triplog, DeliDel can now focus on expanding its business. MiniFinder Zepto is actively utilized in DeliDel's work vehicles, enabling efficient automation in logging drives, freeing up time from the daily workflow. Other than automation, what is behind this growth journey where the turnover has tripled?

Quick facts about DeliDel

  • Based in Västra Frölunda, Gothenburg.
  • Customer base consists of 80% private custiomers in the area of Gothenburg.
  • Comprehensive provider of solar energy,

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A growth journey right in time

DeliDel was founded in 2019 and has, during the past fiscal year, more than tripled its turnover, from 18 million SEK in 2022 to 75 million SEK in 2023. Behind this rocket-like expansion are Ulf Fredriksson, CEO/Founder, and Daniel Pannblom, COO, who, after previous successes with other companies, have taken on yet another journey to success with DeliDel. Daniel reflects on the success and draws connections to the right timing: they invested in the right industry and product at the right time.

Last winter, we had about 500 people in line waiting for us to reach out to them, which we didn't have the capacity for with just two salespeople, as we were at that time. Despite this, we chose to allocate the capacity to installers rather than more salespeople, to grow in a way that we could manage and sustain even in the future." - Daniel Pannblom

Daniel shares that the duo complements each other well, with Ulf often contributing driven ideas to the company. Together, they carefully evaluate these ideas, including a recent innovative initiative in the service CheckWatt, which focuses on frequency balancing. Within the framework of CheckWatt, customers have the opportunity to rent out their batteries and receive compensation for actively contributing to the balance of the power grid.

When DeliDel decided to invest in the concept, it was new to the market, and Ulf was quick to seize the opportunity! In January of 2023 DeliDel became Checkwatt's second customer in Sweden. This solution has been well-received by customers, and today DeliDel has 350 customers connected to Checkwatt. A similar solution is also offered to DeliDel's corporate clients in the form of a larger 50-kilowatt battery cabinet that balances frequencies on a larger scale.

Great focus on high work quality

Ulf is not alone in being responsible for both internal and external optimization at DeliDel. Everyone in the company plays an equally important role. Each employee has a unique perspective based on their role, making it significant for everyone to contribute to improvements and keep their innovative spirit alive.

In addition to focusing on groundbreaking solutions that benefit customers in the long run, DeliDel also strives to deliver a positive experience throughout the work process. They achieve this by always providing the same contact person from the initial contact to the completion of the work.

Daily communication is the key

An essential logistics solution for DeliDel is the ability to have the office and warehouses in the same location. This allows all staff, such as salespeople and installers, to meet on a daily basis and start their workday together. A significant advantage is that salespeople can have direct contact with installers, facilitating the transfer of agreements to the parties involved and opening up for questions and feedback from the installers. Since DeliDel both sells and installs solutions, it is crucial that different perspectives on issues can be communicated effectively when the staff meets daily. Facilitating communication between salespeople and installers, who have different tasks and viewpoints, is a critical success factor for DeliDel.

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From zero to customer oriented 

Until recently, DeliDel has not actively prioritized marketing. Historically, they have relied on word-of-mouth recommendations from customers, which has been a central part of their previous strategy. Delidel has not actively invested in marketing before. Recently, sponsorship of two padel courts and support for the padel profile Linus Frost has begun. In addition to padel, DeliDel also sponsors a local handball team. These investments target the right customer base while aligning with a personal interest in the two sports.

"One must work with marketing that one can relate to personally - for us, it's padel." - Daniel Pannblom

Despite DeliDel only starting to sponsor padel courts just a month ago, this new strategy has already shown positive results by generating interest and attracting new customers. Daniel emphasizes the importance of understanding and reaching one's target audience in a more active way, which he sees as a clear success factor in this initiative. Combining the previous strategy with an active marketing approach has been successful for DeliDel, which looks forward to continuing to grow and build stronger connections with customers through this new direction.

What makes DeliDel different from competitiors?

DeliDel stands out in the solar energy industry by offering a fixed price for its services, with no hidden or extra costs. The customer pays only after the entire work and installation are completed, emphasizing the company's commitment to clear and transparent pricing. DeliDel's core values, focusing on high quality and excellent service, are also reflected in their policy of free repairs if any faults arise in the future. This commitment goes beyond just delivering the work; it also aims to ensure long-term customer satisfaction. This is made possible by having in-house installers, giving them full control over the entire process from the initial contact to the completion of the work and any necessary repairs.

Here, the significance of collaboration and communication among colleagues is once again emphasized as a key factor for success and a positive work environment at DeliDel. The company also prioritizes providing essential tools and resources for all staff, be it installers, salespeople, or members of the finance department. This contributes to ensuring that every individual within the company has the optimal conditions to carry out their work in the best possible way.

Why did DeliDel choose MiniFinder?

DeliDel chose MiniFinder Zepto and MiniFinder Triplog, which perfectly suited their needs and seamlessly integrated into their system. A key factor influencing DeliDel's choice of MiniFinder was the company's personal contact and commitment. MiniFinder stood out with its solution-oriented approach and professional customer management. DeliDel's requests were well-received and addressed.

Another factor that influenced DeliDel's choice of MiniFinder was the user-friendly application with easy installation. MiniFinder's competitive pricing aligned with DeliDel's budget, creating a beneficial partnership.

In summary, DeliDel selected MiniFinder as a provider due to their seamless products, personal contact, competitive pricing, solution-oriented approach, professional customer management, and user-friendly application.

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