M3 stellt den MiniFinder Nano auf die Probe

M3 stellt den MiniFinder Nano auf die Probe

In dem aktuellsten GPS-Tracker-Test auf der Technologie-Website M3 wird MiniFinder Nano als vollständiger GPS-Sicherheitsalarm mit intelligenten Funktionen vorgestellt. Die Rezension umfasst zudem zusätzliche Vorteile wie die Anruffunktion und den Sturzsensor.

The technology site M3 has done a test on MiniFinder Nano GPS Personal Alarm. In the review, they write how the personal alarm provides safety for adults and can also be used to track belongings. MiniFinder Nano can be used by, for example, adults, people with cognitive disabilities and people with vulnerable occupations. The GPS alarm can be also removed from the wristband and used as a standard GPS tracker to track, for example, cars or bags.

"As a safety alarm, and also as a traditional GPS tracker, Nano is competent and with the right functions in place." 

The technology site M3 highlights several advantages of the MiniFinder Nano personal alarm, such as the call function, the fall sensor, the heart rate monitor, the panic button and the geofence function. Furthermore, they mention that the positioning was excellent in their test, as well as the lightweight of the device make it simple and comfortable to carry.

Read the full review of MiniFinder Nano personal safety alarm.

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